Rosetta Stone Brings Live Video Chat Tutorials To Mobile Language Learners With New App

It wasn’t all that long ago that Rosetta Stone released its free iPad app. We liked it, and felt like it was a great way to bring Rosetta Stone’s now-famous ease-of-use to a mobile education-friendly device like the iPad.

But not all of the features available on Rosetta Stone desktop made the migration to iOS, until today. The company has released a brand new application to the App Store that will allow for video tutorials to be performed on the go, direct from the iPad.

The app is called TOTALe Studio HD and is meant to be used in conjunction with Rosetta Stone’s current iPad app. Rosetta Stone users already know this, but for the rest of us, it’s worth noting that Rosetta Stone desktop software already provides for 50-minute sessions with up to four learners at a time to practice speaking skills in a live, fast-paced environment.

Up until now, this was the main feature missing from Rosetta Stone’s mobile experience. By adding the TOTALe Studio HD app, Rosetta Stone customers can now do everything on their iPad, which begs the question, when will users be allowed to pay for a digital license only (rather than buying the CDs for desktop)?

The app is available now for free from the Apple App Store and is compatible with the iPad 2 or later.

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