Wantful Opens Sutter Street Workspace For San Francisco Startups

Startups seeking desk space in San Francisco will soon have another option to consider — the first floor of the offices of gift-giving startup Wantful, an area that it’s calling the Sutter Street Workspace.

It’s a pretty common practice for startups, in anticipation of future growth, to move into offices that are too big for their current workforce, then rent out the excess desks to other companies. But this effort, in particular, seems worth pointing out because it’s not just a few random desks, and it seems like there’s some attempt to build a real community, with Wantful promising advice, introductions to investors, and invitations to brown-bag lunch talks upstairs.

The location at 1244 Sutter St. is pretty cool too — it’s in the same building as the Avalon Ballroom, a famous San Francisco concert venue that once hosted Janis Joplin and the Grateful dead. In fact, the ballroom is where the aforementioned brown-bag lunches will be held.

Wantful says it’s looking for “early-stage startups that appreciate impeccable design and want to work alongside others who are design-driven.” Rents go from $1,400 a month to $4,800 a month. You can get more information by emailing sutterstreet@wantful.com or attending the open house on Wednesday, July 25, from 4pm to 7pm.