Dashlane Releases iOS App To Avoid Tedious Form-Filling On Purchases

Dashlane enables consumers to login, fill out forms and checkout of a purchase faster, removing the need for repeating the process across sites. Its personal data assistant aims to speed up access to websites through password-saving and online form-filling features. But this is not a password manager: it has instant logins and support for automatic checkout on e-commerce sites. Dashlane raised a $5 million Series A back in September last year.

Today it has an iOS release out, letting users search and shop through an integrated browser on their iOS device. You can download it here.

Users can add, edit and access personal data wherever and whenever they need it, all on their iOS devices. That means there is more potential commerce, because form filling on a mobile is a pain. This makes it easier.

Dashlane, a European startup, securely stores all kinds of personal data, including passwords, IDs, payment and contact info, enabling users to complete logins and checkout forms.

With this release, Dashlane also introduces Dashlane Premium, an upgraded version of its free service. This costs $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year. Users who choose to forgo the paid model can also access premium features by referring friends to Dashlane and collecting points. It supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox on both Macs and PCs and Internet Explorer on PCs.