Kickstarter: The RollPro III Is A Must-Have GoPro Camera Storage Case

I’m a GoPro fanboy. It’s an amazing camera born from an even more amazing American company. But, as any GoPro owner quickly discovers, the camera demands all sorts of accouterments and add-ons. Mine are stored in a large camera bag with different parts haphazardly thrown into a different compartments. It’s essentially a grab bag of GoPro parts. Clearly I’m not alone. Riseful’s Kickstarter campaign for the RollPro III tackles this problem with an age-old design.

The RollPro III is a simple but seemingly effective GoPro roll up organizer. Everything has a spot in the roll-up case from the mounts to the backplates to the cameras themselves. Made out of industrial grade marine fabric, it can hold three cameras and most of their accessories; it seems to hold everything but the large suction mounts. Then, once everything is safely stashed away in their separate compartments, the whole thing neatly rolls up.

The company is looking to raise a modest $10,000 on Kickstarter and they’re almost there. As of this post’s writing, the project is $500 shy of their goal with 16 days remaining on the campaign. Pledge $59 or more to pre-order the case and help make it a reality.