Gadgets Are The Name Of The Game At Disrupt Hardware Alley

As if our new hardware-based Hackathon opportunities weren’t enough, we’d love to draw your attention to Disrupt Hardware Alley, a collection of hardware startups who are ready to amaze, delight, and stupefy you with crazy hardware from around the world.

This year we have over 25 participants and we’re sponsored by NewBlue Innovators Program by Best Buy. Look for some wild stuff including a programmable flashlight, a compact and effective botanical vaporizer, and a robot that will allow home viewers to motor around the show floor and interact with visitors and exhibitors.

It will be, as they say, a hoot.

Again, special thanks to Best Buy for helping out and thanks for all of our Hardware Alley participants. It’s hard out there for small manufacturers but as we bring more hardware startups into the fold I’m sure we’ll see more respect given those hardworking, non-pivoting, and under appreciated electrical engineers who have to get it right the first time.

Manufacturers: There’s still time to join. Email me at if you want a spot. Hurry, because tables are closing fast.