Kicksend Users Can Now Order Prints At Walgreens From Its iPhone And Android Apps

When Walgreens rolled out its “Print to Walgreens” feature last month, media-sharing startup Kicksend was one of a select group to integrate it into its iPhone app. Now all Kicksend users will be able to print out photos from any of 8,000 Walgreens stores, whether they are iPhone or Android users. Users can select up to 30 photos at a time and send to their local Walgreens store, then pick the prints up within an hour.

While the Kicksend iPhone version was ready at Walgreens’ launch, integration of “print to Walgreens” functionality was just enabled. But considering the Kicksend Android app was just introduced in late May, it’s actually a pretty quick turnaround. Android is also growing very quickly for Kicksend, especially internationally, according to Kicksend co-founder Pradeep Elankumaran.

“One of the things we like about [Android] is that it’s really global,” Elankumaran told me. “We’ve been able to grow a lot more internationally.”

Other partners Walgreens partners include GroupShot, Pic Stitch, Pinweel, and StillShot. Walgreens also partnered with Aviary to introduce the feature to the startup’s 1,200 apps developers.

Kicksend was a Y Combinator company last summer, focused mostly on sharing large files before switching to shared media files. Since then, it’s raised $1.8 million in seed funding led by True Ventures, with Digital Garage, SV Angel, Start Fund, and Milo Founder and CEO Jack Abraham also participating.