Leaked Windows 8 Ads Confirm Once Again Microsoft Has Given Up On The Desktop

I use Windows daily. I have since Windows 95. I wouldn’t call myself a fanboy, but I prefer Windows’ desktop environment over that of OS X. Yet, like many of you, I’m not looking forward to Windows 8. These leaked Windows 8 ads found by an Israeli website show why.

Windows 8 is designed for the post-PC era, a time when we work and play on tablets, rather than archaic desktops. It’s designed to be operated by a finger rather than a mouse and keyboard. This philosophy shift is evident throughout the entire Windows 8 experience. Yet I’m tied to a desk with two 27-inch monitors for 12 hours a day. Windows 8 does not offer any advantage for the desktop user; the implementation of the classic Windows environment is a joke.

Windows 8 is a fantastic mobile OS, but my primary computer will not run Windows 8 until Steve Ballmer breaks down my door, subdues my crazy Yorkshire Terrier and installs it himself.