The ECOXBT Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Will Float Your Boat

Bluetooth portable speakers come in many styles and sizes, and some are just wonderful. But when audiophiles go aquatic, options become much more limited.

Enter the ECOXBT waterproof speaker. It’ll take you from the pool to the lake to the beach and back again with no trouble at all.

It floats speakers to the surface of the water, and just in case I wasn’t clear before, it’s entirely waterproof.

The speaker has standard audio input via a 3.5mm jack, along with Bluetooth, though the company didn’t specify the range. It shouldn’t be an issue floating by a boat or a dock, but brave ocean explorers may have issues if they venture far from shore.

Of course, this could be solved with a LifeProof iPhone case.

The ECOXBT has battery life for 10 hours of playback time, and has controls on top for power, pairing, and volume. As an added bonus, a waterproof mic is integrated into the speaker, for which there is also an “answer/end” button.

The launch date is somewhat questionable, considering that summer is over. Pick one of these up for $129 here.

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