Remind Your Friends To Vote With Free Greeting Card From Shepard Fairey & Mobile Cards App Sincerely Ink

Mobile photo-printing and greeting card startup Sincerely wants to encourage users to vote this election season, and to do so, it has partnered with artist Shepard Fairey on the creation of an exclusive new card. Best known as the creator of the Barack Obama “Hope” poster, Fairey’s new card has a similar style and color palette, but offers a non-partisan plea: it just says “Vote!” To get users to send these cards to friends, Sincerely is now giving away 100,000 of them for free from now until the election on November 6th.

The cards are available in the company’s flagship application, Sincerely Ink. For those unfamiliar, Ink is like a more feature-rich alternative to Apple’s own Cards app. (In fact, it was there first).

“We believe that as responsible citizens, we are called to not only vote, but to move those around us to get out the vote,” says Sincerely CEO Matt Brezina of the new cards. “We have a unique platform to do just that and want to use it to the fullest.” While there are many organizations that help get out the vote, the company believes that personalized messages from friends have far more power to mobilize voters than emails or tweets from strangers.

But some right-leaning users may have a problem with sending out cards reminiscent of the Obama poster, of course. Not to worry, there are alternatives available. Ink now includes a whole “Election” section with photo and non-photo cards for both political parties, and several “call to action” cards as well. All can be customized with a personal message and then mailed anywhere in the U.S., arriving in three to seven days.

Sincerely Ink is a free download for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and the new cards are available in the app now.