Binder Reviews On Fill With Romney-Related Comments

OK, it’s no Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, but it’s still pretty funny. Following Mitt Romney’s comment about “binders full of women” at this week’s presidential debate, the customer review sections for various binders on have been filling up with hilarious comments. For example, see this Avery Durable View Binder or this Avery Economy Binder. “My advice is to be very careful when ordering, because what I received were binders full of men,” writes one reviewer. “I found it to be a little too cramped for my taste. Usually when I’m inside a binder, I like enough room to stretch out, do Pilates or just take a nap spread eagle. However, all of the women in the binder were very pleasant and I made a few great friends,” says another female shopper.

I know, I know, you heard about this on Reddit, like, 200 years ago (i.e., yesterday), but this joke is now making its way around the blogosphere, and it’s popping up all over social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. This meme has legs!

Of course, sometimes I worry that the only thing many Americans will remember from the debates this year are Big Bird and binders…but I digress.

In case you somehow missed it, this is the quote that got the meme going:

ROMNEY: Thank you. And important topic, and one which I learned a great deal about, particularly as I was serving as governor of my state, because I had the chance to pull together a cabinet and all the applicants seemed to be men.

And I – and I went to my staff, and I said, “How come all the people for these jobs are – are all men.” They said, “Well, these are the people that have the qualifications.” And I said, “Well, gosh, can’t we – can’t we find some – some women that are also qualified?”

ROMNEY: And – and so we – we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of women’s groups and said, “Can you help us find folks,” and they brought us whole binders full of women. I was proud of the fact that after I staffed my Cabinet and my senior staff, that the University of New York in Albany did a survey of all 50 states, and concluded that mine had more women in senior leadership positions than any other state in America.

Anyway, it’s Friday and you’re in need of a little break, right? There are now 915 customer reviews on regarding this binder as of the time of writing, 200 more here. That should get you started. Then head over here for a full list. Enjoy.