Gadget Maker PCH International’s 2011 FY Results: Revenue Up 72% To $720M, Driven By Smartphone, Tablet Demand

Chinese manufacturing company PCH International has announced its 2011 full year results — reporting a big rise in revenue and record profits off the back of strong demand for smartphones, tablets and ereaders. The company, which has its corporate headquarters in Cork, Ireland and operational headquarters in Shenzhen, China, designs and makes consumer electronics in partnership with PC makers and consumer electronics brands.

PCH International reported a 72 percent increase in revenue for the year — to $710 million — while gross profit for the year totalled $70.7 million, an increase of 46.6 percent year-on-year, translating to a net profit of $17.9 million. EBITDA amounted to a record $24.5 million — a 37.9 percent year-on-year rise.

Commenting on the results, CEO Liam Casey pointed to the company’s focus on supply chain and speeding up time-to-market for its customers’ products as key factors contributing to its growth

We operate in a very fast-paced and dynamic industry and we are working with the world’s top brands and world’s best entrepreneurs. This means we have to continuously adapt to offer our customers the best possible services. PCH is revolutionizing traditional supply chain models, and as a result we continue to dramatically shorten the time-to-market for the latest products on the market.

Our continued focus during 2011 facilitated not only strong growth for PCH but also continued success for our customers. We recognize the opportunities to further scale the business and are investing heavily during 2012 to ensure that PCH continues to expand our service offerings, expand the geographies in which we operate, deepen our skillset and most importantly to deliver peace of mind to our customers. We are very excited by the opportunities that lie ahead of us.

Last year PCH raised $30m in funding from a combination of existing and new investors — taking its total investment pot to-date to circa $77 million. It also launched its own business accelerator program — called PCH Accelerator — to partner with startups on projects including Intuitive Automata’s heathcare robot, Autum.