Republican Voter Suppression App Designed By The Onion

Intimidating voters at the polls is so 19th century. And, now that courts continue to overturn Republican voter ID laws, based on the fact that just 10 incidences of voter fraud in the last decade doesn’t justify disenfranchising thousands of minority voters without a driver’s license, what is the GOP to do? Thankfully, America’s #1 fake news site has reimagined voter suppression for the 21st century, with a smartphone app that automatically applies time-tested voter intimidation to dark-skinned voters. Check out their concept video at the end of this post.

**Note: For all of those who are about to freak out in the comment section, this video is an obvious joke. Politics gets way (way) too serious sometimes and it’s good to take a deep breath and laugh. For the record, TechCrunch posts tech-related, positive-leaning stories about both parties in equal numbers, and we’ve been especially vigilant at dispelling the myth of Republicans as the luddite party (more here).

That said, enjoy: