Get An iPhone 5 That Looks Like Unicorn Poop For Only $1700

Apple only offers its iPhone 5 in sober black or white/gray, and while I respect their minimalist design sensibilities, some people might want more color options for their smartphone companion. Well, if you’re willing to pay more than double the asking price of the unlocked 16GB iPhone 5, you can get whatever color iPhone you want, along with the ability to mix and match for freakish, eye-burning results.

ColorWare is offering the iPhone 5 with customizable colors for the outer edge, rear panel, home button, SIM tray and top and bottom rear glass (faceplate unfortunately must remain the standard black or white). They provide an unlocked 64 GB GSM iPhone 5 as part of the deal, but that still means you’re paying $850 more than you would at the unlocked price for U.S. hardware.

And maybe I’m jaded, but to me all the splashes of color seem to really accomplish is to prove that Apple was right in sticking with basic black and white.