Square Redesigns Its Career Page To Better Match Its Culture Of Beautiful Design And Interactivity

As I’ve been digging deeper into companies, specifically their internal culture, one company that has stuck out to me is payments powerhouse Square. As I wrote last week, the company does some pretty interesting things to keep its team connected and on the same page. At the same time, Square is on an absolute hiring spree and is moving into a larger office in San Francisco in hopes of filling it up with talented people.

Today, the company has launched a redesigned “Careers” page, one that Square feels matches its culture, diversity and interactive environment. I’m told that the design was done internally, along with the video production. Square currently has 50 open positions, so it’s pulling out all of the stops to attract the best talent in the world. It would like to have 1,000 employees by next year, and that’s a huge goal.

When you visit the page, you’ll see videos about the design and engineering teams, both of which are the cornerstone of Square and its eye for aesthetic:

By leading off an engineering-centric recruiting page with “We’re building beautiful, reliable instruments of commerce,” it’s clear that Square knows exactly who they are and want to project that to the public. Specifically potential hires.

Jude Komuves, Vice President of People at Square (awesome title), shed some light on this new design and the company approach to hiring: “At Square, we put a tremendous amount of thought into everything we do, from our products and customer experience, to our people and culture. Our beautiful new careers page reflects who we are — innovative, collaborative, with an eye for details — and hopefully gives future team members real insight into what it’s like to work at Square.”

A few scrolls down each page uncover some fun interactive designs centered around what the company is looking for in an employee:

The page above has some cool animations and transitions that show off Square’s reader. It’s like finding a series of easter eggs.

While a web page certainly won’t be the defining factor for a talented designer or engineer during a job search, companies take recruiting very seriously. With Facebook, Google, Twitter and others in the Valley, any “extras” certainly don’t hurt. If you’re interested in mobile payments and changing the way that businesses operate for the better, the fact that Square has raised $341 million to date and just signed a huge deal to replace Starbucks cash registers won’t hurt your decision-making process either.