Finally, A Toothbrush Uncle Sam And Mother Nature Can Agree On

You’re supposed to toss your toothbrush in the trash and get a new one every three months? Do you?

Either you do, and you waste a lot of plastic and bristle to keep your mouth clean, or you don’t, and your mouth simply isn’t clean. But Oliver Haas and Jake Felser in Boston are disrupting the tooth-cleaning landscape with the ReBrush.

The ReBrush is a toothbrush that comes with replaceable brush heads, meaning that you can replace the bristly part without getting rid of the entire toothbrush. And with the ReBrush, you wouldn’t want to. The handle is made of anodized aluminum, which gives it a heavy, solid feel in the hand.

And if reducing your toothbrush waste by up to 80 percent in two years isn’t enough to placate your environmental awareness, perhaps the fact that this bad boy has a lower lifetime carbon footprint than any regular or electric toothbrush will win you over.

ReBrush is also manufactured entirely in the U.S.

Haas and Felser have been trying to create the next generation of household products with their LittleBonsai brand, which began with a Kickstarter project called the Clip. However, Kickstarter isn’t too hot on household products lately, and so the guys have set up a reservation system on the LittleBonsai web page.

The ReBrush costs $25 for a year (four heads and one handle), and shipments are estimated to begin in February 2013.

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