Election Day Prep: Is Your Congressman Tech-Friendly?

Election day is nigh and many of us haven’t decided how we’re voting tomorrow. TechCruch is here to soothe your low-information guilt: Our CrunchGov Congressional report card grades each member of the House of Representatives — all up for re-election this week — on how tech-friendly they’ve been for the last two years. As the handy infographic shows below, Democrats and Republicans have evenly supported issues important to the tech industry, such as immigration, an open Internet, and investment reforms. Younger members are more friendly than older ones, and the South is littered with members who snapped up our relatively few D’s and F’s.

For those readers who didn’t see our big policy platform rollout last week, CrunchGov is our attempt at keeping the tech industry informed on important policy issues and keeping policymakers informed about how their support stacks up against the consensus interests of the tech industry.

Check out the report card here. Is the congressional candidate on your report card tech-friendly? Let us know if it influences your vote.