Foundation Video: Tom Conrad, CTO Of Pandora On Reinventing Radio

In this edition of my Foundation video series, Pandora CTO Tom Conrad shares his inspiration for reinventing the radio. He reveals how a jailbroken iPhone played a key part in Pandora’s success, and explains why Thanksgiving is the biggest day of the year for the service. He also tells the crazy backstory behind Web 1.0 flameout, what it was like to be engineer during the “dark years” at Apple, and how he made a killing in high school selling the Apple IIGS. Enjoy!

Tom Conrad’s advice for finding your dream job:

“The happiest I’ve ever been, the most gratification I’ve ever gotten from a job, are always instances where two things are true: I’m working with people that I love, and I’m solving a problem that I’m personally passionate about.”

Kevin Rose is a general partner at Google Ventures. You can watch Kevin’s prior Foundation episode, an interview with Matt Rogers, Co-Founder of Nest, here.