Apple Releases Two New iPad Mini Ads For iBooks, iPhoto

If you haven’t seen Apple’s adorable Heart and Soul iPad mini ad, you’ve probably been living under a rock. But chances are you haven’t seen the last two ads, highlighting iPhoto and iBooks.

Interestingly enough, both ads feature the iPad mini and its big brother iPad, just like the Heart and Soul ad.

On the one hand, it makes sense that the company would want to show the difference in shape and size, emphasizing the iPad mini’s large screen packed into a tiny form factor. Plus, the team act went over quite well on stage at the unveiling, and it allows Apple to advertise two products in one ad.

On the other hand, I’d assume that many iPad owners won’t shell out a ton of money for the same thing in a smaller package. The iPad mini is aimed toward that new demographic who always believed the iPad was too big, or slightly too expensive.

The iBooks ad plays on the same “heart and soul” theme, showing books that have similar but different titles, like Moby Dick and Gone Fishing. Like the iPad and iPad mini, similar but different.

The iPhoto ad also plays on that team act, showing photos continuing from iPad to iPad mini. It’s cute, but it sort of begs the question why not build that out as an actual feature.

In any case, here are your latest iPad mini ads: