Gift Guide: Soundfreaq Sound Rise

Short Version

It may be a bit obsolete without Lightning support out of the box, but the Soundfreaq Sound Rise is a cool clock radio that offers great styling, Bluetooth streaming support, and some great speakers.

Long Version


  • iPod 30-pin charger with USB port in back
  • Dual alarms
  • Bright display
  • Cool styling


The Soundfreaq Sound Rise is…

… a cool alarm clock for folks who want to add a bit of style (and iPhone compatibility) to their end tables. A built-in USB port ensures that Android users won’t feel left out, either. The clock has a nearly featureless touch-sensitive face and it allows you to set two alarms as well as radio pre-sets so you can listen to your favorite programs as you snooze.

You can also connect to the Sound Rise using Bluetooth, allowing anyone in the room to stream audio to the device. It’s fairly platform agnostic so you don’t just need an iOS device to use it.

Buy the¬†Soundfreaq Sound Rise¬†for…

… a loved one who is stuck in their Android ways or isn’t planning on upgrading their previous generation iPad or iPhone. Ready for the new iPhone? Simply add a Lightning adapter and you’re good to go.


… it’s rare to find a clock radio that doesn’t look like it belongs in a remake of Groundhog Day. The Sound Rise is cool, easy-to-use, and sounds great. You’ll be amazed at how clear NPR or Howard sounds coming out of this black slab of a radio. We’ve had it by our bedside for a few weeks now and although there is a bit of a learning curve with the buttons, once you figure it out it becomes a boon bedside companion.