Harvest Launches Platform To Let Developers Add Time Tracking Features To Any App

Harvest has today implemented a new way to integrate its time tracking product directly into existing project management applications. It’s called the Harvest Platform.

All it takes is 15 minutes to drop a few lines of JavaScript and HTML code into the app.

I caught up with Danny Wen, co-founder of Harvest, who explained that many developers are ready to tackle project management software, as the ability to track performance across freelance projects is a pain-point they encounter themselves in everyday life. But adding time tracking features to those applications can be daunting.

The solution up until now has been that freelancers and small businesses must toggle between project management apps and time tracking apps. And that’s anything but efficient. While developers can take care of the organization and project management, Harvest wants to step in and handle time tracking, reporting, and billing.

As a company that first launched its service on the web, and then migrated to desktop, iOS, and Android, Harvest believes its experience in the time tracking space can allow for this type of API-style product.

Recently, Basecamp pulled its own time tracking software after an update, which inspired Harvest to rethink the possibilities of integrating its software with existing applications. The result is a Chrome extension that, while built specifically for Basecamp, works in an almost identical way to the Harvest Platform.

As far as easy implementation goes, Salesforce’s Do.com team has been looking for a quick solution to time tracking for a while, and has already added the Harvest Platform integration to its existing product.

Harvest’s standalone product was doing well all on its own, and this should only increase its growing network of freelance users.