Welcome To The TechCrunch Gadgets 2012 Gift Guide

Sure, it’s a bit early but we’ve been saving up gadgets and gizmos a-plenty for you all and we’re ready to share some of the coolest hardware, gear, and geegaws with you and yours. The goal is to get up a few mini-reviews per day of the things we liked the most this year including indie hardware from small manufacturers.

Instead of the typical list of TVs, MP3 players, and electronic detritus we’ll also feature books, music, and fun stuff for all.

While we’re pretty much full right now, if you have anything you’d like us to feature email john@beta.techcrunch.com and we’ll see what we can do. Otherwise, feel free to take a break from your regular diet of web services news and hard-hitting examinations of Groupon’s demise with the Werther’s Originals of tech news – gadget reviews.

We’ll have giveaways for the next month so keep your eye on our posts over the next few weeks. Ho, ho, ho, as they say.