DODOcase Introduces Custom Builder, Lets You Go All Artisanal Bookbinder On Your iPad Case

You may not know this but I was an English literature major in college, so books are things I’m fond of. But I’m also a tech lover, so I generally read on either an iPad or a Kindle. Cases like the ones from San Francisco-based DODOcase represent a way to bridge those two worlds, and now you can personalize their products thanks to a custom case-building tool that DODOcase is introducing today.

The Build-A-DODOcase customizer is launching today, and lets you choose from a variety of options around the front cover material, color and pattern, as well as interior design, elastic color and custom text. There are plenty of different combinations possible, with the added benefit that you likely won’t end up with an exact duplicate of someone else’s design, so your iPad will be less likely to get confused with your neighbor’s at the local coffee shop.

The one I virtually created is the one you can see in the feature image of this article, and I hope to see it eventually as a real product. I trust DODOcase’s reputation for creating good products, though, and don’t think there’s any reason to expect these custom creations to miss that mark.

Pricing is variable based on what options you choose (leather vs. fabric cover or spine, for instance), running between $80 at the low end and ranging up as you add options. The company has already created a Pinterest gallery of creations from noteworthy creators, including Path’s Dave Morin, Foodspotting CEO Alexa Andrzejewski and more. If the only thing previously stopping you from ordering a DODOcase was a lack of choice when it comes to design, this new tool definitely addresses that deficiency. The cases work with both iPad 2 and the latest generation iPads.