Here’s A BlackBerry 10 Device Next To An iPhone 5

RIM is launching BlackBerry 10 in February 2013 with several devices. Little is known about these handsets but the pic here shows the touchscreen model next to an iPhone 5. Tantalizing, I know.

Draw your own conclusions but what we’re looking is a device that looks a lot like a Droid X/X2. It appears to be a little wider than the iPhone 5, which is encased in a bumper here. Unfortunately the screen is not turned on so a snap judgement cannot be made about the future of RIM based on the low resolution picture.

RIM is plowing forward with BlackBerry 10 and so far there has been little talk about the hardware behind the mobile platform. For RIM, or so it seems, the message is mostly about the experience provided by BlackBerry 10 — like how Apple sells its mobile devices. It’s not about the hardware, but rather about the software.

I fully expect the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices to be capable, and packing competitive specs. Since BlackBerry 10 is built from the ground-up, RIM likely engineered it for a specific hardware model with cost in mind. But it doesn’t really matter as the experience isn’t compromised by hardware that’s slightly less powerful than, say, the latest Android standard bearers.