YouTube Relaunches NextUp Program To Find Collaborative Creators

Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That is especially true in the online video world, where collaboration between two individually popular creators often leads to greater awareness of both. Entire networks of YouTube creators have sprung up to spur collaboration and leverage the network effects that occur when various talented and popular YouTube personalities work on projects together and cross-promote one another.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed at the online video giant, where it is launching the next round of its YouTube NextUp program with collaboration in mind. YouTube will choose 30 creators who have decided to partner up and create videos together and provide them with funding, equipment, and some classes to help them jump-start their work together.

Those who are chosen will get $3,000 in funding, as well as $4,000 worth of production equipment to create higher-quality videos. They’ll also be asked to participate in two week-long Creator Camps at YouTube’s new LA offices in January and March 2013 to actually film their videos.

Ever since acquiring New York City-based Next New Networks, YouTube has run a series of NextUp contests, aimed at identifying and providing money and guidance to promising creators. Since launch, they’ve had more than 215 creators from 15 different countries participate.

Applicants interested in participating need to find another creator they’d like to work with and apply through the program site.