Digit Raises $2.5M Series A For Its ‘Seamlessly Cross-Platform’ Games

Irish games developer Digit Game Studios has raised a $2.5 million Series A round led by Delta Partners, who have invested $2.1m with existing investor ACT Venture Capital also participating. This brings the total amount raised by Digit to $3.75m with both Delta and ACT previously investing in Digit’s seed round via the AIB Startup Accelerator Fund.

The new capital will enable Digit to double the size of it workforce with the creation of 25 new jobs in Dublin as the startup doubles down on its mission to create what it calls “Seamlessly Cross-Platform” games — online games that can be played on multiple devices, with the game player starting the game on one device and seamlessly picking up play on another.

Martin Frain, CMO at Digit, explains more in a statement: “Seamlessly cross-platform is a new way of playing games. It allows our games to be played on any connected device and our players can transition between them. Players can play on their browser in the morning, their smartphone on the train and on their tablet in the evening. They can also play against friends who are using a different device”.

Founded in early 2012 and based in Dublin, Digit’s first game is Kings of the Realm (KotR), a massively multiplayer strategy game. It’s due for release later this year, along with the first book in a series from Penguin.