SiSense Analytics Technology Is Meant For The Middle-Market Customer With Terabytes Of Data

SiSense won the Audience Award at the Strata Conference this week with its record-breaking claim that it can analyze 10 terabytes of data on a $10,000 Dell server in 10 seconds. Records are meant to be broken, so this is not the first or the last claim of superiority we will see from an ambitious startup. But SiSense is a reflection of the innovation in the analytics space and the startups that are breaking new barriers with systems are far less expensive than what the the older vendors are selling in the market.

On Tuesday I caught up with Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Bruno Aziza who talked about the SiSense’s goal to serve the growing number of companies seeking to analyze terabytes of data. These companies can’t afford data scientists to do their work. They need software that is accessible and technology that people besides engineers can use.

SiSense uses what it calls the “ElastiCube,” a high-performance analytical database that leverages server technology to maximize machine RAM and CPU use. The package includes the database and data visualization software for showing the analysis.

Record-breaking feats bring a bit of a carnival atmosphere to tech conferences. And I say thank goodness for that. Events like Strata are fascinating for the people who explore the new universe that data analytics unfolds. But record-breaking feats like the one from SiSense are refreshing, bringing some fun and something to talk about in the context of raw processing power and what can be done on relatively inexpensive hardware.