Google Reminds iOS Developers That They Can Easily Integrate Chrome With Their Apps

Google just reminded developers that they can use Chrome as the default browser for their apps and easily switch back and forth between app and browser. With x-callback, Google says, developers can open links in Chrome and once the page has loaded, Chrome will show a link back to the original app in the top left corner of the screen. This should make it much easier for developers to allow users to support Chrome in their apps.

Currently, Google says, developers have two options when they want to access web content from their apps: they can create their own in-app web browser frame – using Apple’s own WebKit browser, of course – or by sending users away from their apps to a browser.

Chromium Blog_ Integrate Chrome with your iOS appOnce users are in the browser, though, chances are, they won’t come back, so Google’s scheme will surely help to ensure that users remember what app they were coming from in the first place.

To get started, developers have to download the OpenInChromeControllerClass and add it to their projects. The class will check if Chrome is installed and, if that’s the case, you can start sending links to Chrome with x-callback enabled.

Given that Chrome is essentially just an app on iOS, it can’t be set as the default on Apple’s operating system. That’s obviously a problem for Google, because apps will always open links in Safari by default. Because of this, users have little incentive to switch to Chrome because they’ll always be forced back into Safari anyway.