Trump-Gasmic Crowdfunding Platform Plagiarizes From Indiegogo

While I wish not to throw any more fuel into the fiery fever dream that is Donald Trump, it is important to note the distinct similarities between his recent press release and the wording from an Indiegogo page describing his new platform, FundAnything. The Donald writes:

“I’m taking a stand, and am putting my money where my mouth is to help get people back on their feet,” said Mr. Trump during the event. “That’s where FundAnything comes in. It’s the first website that actually lets anyone, anywhere raise money for ANYTHING. And that’s why I support it.”

While Indiegogo’s “Features” page says:

Our platform is available to anyone, anywhere, to raise money for anything.”

Perhaps the Trumpeter crowdsourced his talking points? Or perhaps he was misled as to which crowdfunding platform he was supporting. Either way, it just goes to show you: if you can’t beat ’em, copy most of their marketing collateral and the look and feel of their website.

You can check out his new crowdfunding platform, FundAnything, here.