MC Frontalot Brings Us Eine Kleine Nerdcore

TechCrunch favorite MC Frontalot and filmmaker Caly Monardo have created a video for “I’ll Form The Head,” a rap song about a Voltron-esque group of heroes fighting a worm monster in their rhino robotic vehicles. Each one wants to form the head, and they explain their reasoning in surprisingly eloquent terms.

Why are they rhinos and not, say, giant robotic cats? Mr. Frontalot explains why in the first part of the song:

Bright-colored robotic space rhinoceri
that we pilot — why? ‘Cause they’re in supply.
Plus, we heed the cry of our planet’s population
to defend them. We report to battle stations!

The song comes from Senor Frontalot’s album Solved and is hilarious. He is backed up Dr. Awkward and ZeaLouS1 and while it’s clear that the gold rhino deserves to be the head, the other rhinos to seem to be solid pilots who deserve a little screen time. Hopefully M. Frontalot visits us again at Disrupt in SF, ensuring me another opportunity to state my case in re: me being the head.