Collaaj Launches An Easy Way To Create, Store And Send Video Messages

Collaaj has launched a service designed to make it easy to create videos and send them as messages.

The SaaS tool includes an editor that allows people to make videos from content that could include a demo recording of an app, a drawing, annotations on a presentation or someone sending a video message of themselves to an individual or a group. The data is managed through the Collaaj platform that includes a backend to a store, stream and securely share with other team members. The video can be saved as an MP4 and sent as a link.

Collaaj Client Main View

Collaaj has different uses than a video-capture product like Camtasia, which is designed for more high-end use cases. For example, it can be used for pre-sales to send product demonstrations, and support teams can use it to build a knowledge base and visual FAQ.

Collaaj iPad Whiteboard App

It competes more directly with Webex, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Lync, but those tools might also be complementary, as they lack the asynchronous capabilities that come with Collaaj.

In addition to the iPad app, Collaaj is available on Mac and Windows. Co-founder Kiran Kamity said the client download is a small file similar to Dropbox.