Update Your Facebook Status And Comment Using Google Glass And Your Voice With ThroughGlass

We recently wrote about an app for Google Glass that lets you share photos to Facebook, but another one has come out that has a way more interesting feature, the ability to create status messages or comment on on the social network with the sound of your voice.

ThroughGlass gives you more opportunities to interact, rather than simply share. You can post a status update, then see all of the comments and likes that come in. If you want, you can even reply to the interactions you’re getting using the same voice commands.

The app was built by Drew Baumann and Andrew Skotzko, and they’re calling it the best Facebook app for Glass…until Facebook releases one of its own:

I’ve found that voice commands, for Glass or on any mobile device, are only useful for utility purposes, such as asking for directions or providing a search. However, for the first time, I’ve found that sharing a quick thought using the device might be useful. ThroughGlass is closer to something that Facebook would build itself.

Once you install the app and turn sharing on for it, it gives you the option to “pin it,” which tosses it under all of the pre-installed Cards that Google provides you with. That way, you have instant access to the app, whenever you want to share a status update or photo:


Tap status update, and then you’ll get the dialogue to start speaking your mind:


Once you share your update, it will show up on Facebook like any other update would, allowing people to comment and like it:


As people start interacting, you’ll be alerted on Glass and then given the opportunity to reply, which is what makes this app really useful:


This is an example of the incremental improvements that we can expect for Glass apps, as developers start exploring the Mirror API. For example, this is the first time that I’ve seen an app utilize the “pin” functionality, something that is akin to adding apps to a dock. As we wait for official apps from Facebook and Twitter, developers are trying to bring the future to Glass wearers now.