Ask A VC: Redpoint’s Chris Moore On What He Looks For In An Ad Tech Startup And More

In this week’s Ask A VC show, Redpoint partner Chris Moore joined us in the studio to discuss how he sources and spots promising startups, and more.

Moore focuses on making investments for Redpoint in consumer internet, online marketing and SaaS companies, and has led Redpoint’s investment in Efficient Frontier (acquired by Adobe), Right Media (acquired by Yahoo), Auditude (acquired by Adobe), and IntoNow (acquired by Yahoo). Considering the many successful exits Moore has helped startups navigate through (especially in the ad tech space), we asked him how he knows when a company has the potential to go public vs. stay private, and accept an acquisition offer.

We also tackled a number of reader questions including whether he would rather invest in an entrepreneur who has previous experience working for a technology company in Silicon Valley.

Tune in above for more!