The Deep Space Tourbillon Is A One-Off, Handmade Watch That Will Take You To Infinity And Beyond

As you may well know, the tourbillon is one of the hardest (and most expensive) complications to build and only the very rich and very obsessed can afford them. This watch, however, may be just the ticket if you’re a hardcore Trekkie and you just hit a liquidity event.

The Deep Space Tourbillon is made by Vianney Halter and is supposed to look like the Deep Space Nine station from Star Trek. The tourbillon – essentially a rotating balance wheel – is suspended between two gears in the movement and the whole thing has a very steampunk meets Spockpunk vibe. It has a large domed crystal and 46mm case. It is a triple axis toubillon, which makes it extra hard to make and quite unique.

Before you place your order, you should be aware that Halter’s work is often amazing in theory but difficult to build in practice. You should also note that this thing will cost $200,000 when complete and it appears that it has already sold to a buyer in Asia. As we know too well, fools and their money are soon parted and sci-fi fans with money are the most dangerous impulse buyers of all. Regardless, it’s a cool piece with a surprising pedigree and enough geek cred to convince me that Khan shot first.