Reminder: Sign Up For The Balkans Mini Pitch-Off

Are you in Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, or Slovenia? Have I got a treat for you. In an effort to spread the good word about TC in the rest of Europe, I will be rolling through Sofia, Belgrade, Zagreb, and Ljubljana at the beginning of July for a series of informal meet-ups. If you’re in those cities, I want you to attend!

Assisting in the planning is Netokracija / Netocratic, the “TechCrunch of Southeast Europe.” They will provide us with locations and more specific timing but as it stands we expect to have some free beer, lots of sunshine, and a great chance to talk about your startup in an informal setting. We’ll also be scouting for Disrupt entrants for Disrupt Berlin in October.

At each of these events I’ll talk a little bit about TechCrunch and getting the attention of media outside your own country and we can talk startups, entrepreneurship, and funding all night long. We’ll also hold a mini-Pitch Off with the winner getting a Startup Alley table at Disrupt Germany. You can apply here. If you’re chosen you’ll join one of ten startups on stage for a two-minute presentation about your startup. There will be no PowerPoints and the presentation is English only, so get your elevator pitch ready!

The locations are nearly final and you’ll find them on the Plancast pages below:

To RSVP for Sofia on July 1 click here. Co-hosted by  Netokracija / Netocratic & Eleven
To RSVP for Belgrade on July 2 click here. Hosted by Netokracija / Netocratic.
To RSVP for Zagreb on July 3 click here. Hosted by Netokracija / Netocratic.
To RSVP for Ljubljana on July 5 click here. Hosted by Netokracija / Netocratic.

Interested in sponsoring the event? Please contact organizer Ivan Brezak Brkan, head of MemeMedia, directly. We’ll have much more information soon, but until then RSVP and get your product ready for our Southeast Euro Trip!

Special thanks to our main sponsor, the .me domain.