Scrooser Is A Motorized Scooter From The Future

The unfortunately-named Scrooser (the creators are from Dresden so maybe it sounds better in German) is actually surprisingly cool. It looks like a standard, two-wheel kick scooter but actually has a motor built in and it can go about 15 miles per hour on a good day.

The Kickstarter project has been running for 19 days and is already at $43,000. The Scrooser itself can be yours for $3,950. It’s obviously quite pricey but it looks like it could be a fun way to get around town. It has a range of 20 miles.

The design of the Scrooser is quite unique and compact. The batteries are under the footboard and the motor is in the rear wheel. Quoth the creators:

The engine (48 V; 1000 W; electrics 48 V; 20 Ah) is a direct drive motor integrated into the rear wheel rim, which means that there are no gear belts, linkages or any other additional elements that could break. The system is nearly maintenance free and very quiet. Characteristics of the custom-built brushless electric hub motor feature electric controls using high quality neodymium magnets. Brushless hub motors create the hinge moment where it is needed – exactly at the spinning rim and in the wheel, so no additional space is required on the frame body. Also, thanks to the brushless hub motor design, you will have to worry about any shortages that usually appear among back-geared motors like noises from the gearbox, oil loss, etc. Furthermore, the operating distance increases significantly because a gear or a mechanical differential does not influence the efficiency of the engine.

While seeing grown men on scooters is always comical, this powerful hybrid could make scooting cool again… maybe.