Fly Or Die: Instagram Video

Now that the dust has settled around the Instagram Video launch, we thought it was high time to take a good look at the photo-sharing phenom’s new video venture. Does it live up to Vine? Is it better? Or does it just ruin the Instagram experience we’ve all come to know and love?

Engadget’s Brian Heater — kindly filling in for John Biggs — and I discuss all this and more on this episode of Fly or Die.

As for myself, I’m not entirely against Instagram video but I would greatly appreciate a way to choose between photos-only stream and a video-only stream, or both combined.

The video length, paired with loading issues on the app, make the Instagram consumption experience far less enjoyable for me.

Brian is neither here nor there on Instagram Video, except for the belief that competition (namely that between Vine and Instgram) is ultimately good for the end user.

For those of you who want to investigate further, we have plenty of in-depth coverage of Instagram Video right here.