CrunchWeek: MotoX Says Hello, Ridesharing Regulation Wars, More Google Surveillance Suspicions

Another seven days have come and gone, July has turned into August, summer is closer to its end than its beginning, and precious time is just as fleeting as ever. The good news is that we have a new episode of CrunchWeek, the show that brings a few of us TechCrunch writers together to run our mouths about the most interesting tech news stories from the past week. Silver linings!

This time around, Leena Rao, Ryan Lawler and I discussed the much-anticipated debut of the MotoX, the brand new smartphone from Google that happens to be assembled here in the USA, the new ride-sharing rules proposed by California as part of the ongoing tussle between regulators, old fashioned taxis, and the Uber/Lyft/Sidecar startup contingent, and the latest instances that show how increasingly paranoid people are that Google and other tech companies are working with the feds — and that lawmakers’ lack of understanding of how technology works is not stopping them from issuing very serious punishments in tech-related cases.