Skype Updates Its Windows Phone App, Finally Adding The Ability To Filter Contacts

Windows Phone users, sit down and start downloading: Skype for Windows Phone 8 is new again. Today the Microsoft company updated its mobile application for Windows Phone, bringing several new features that should improve quality of life for daily mobile users of the service.

The key update is that Windows Phone and Skype contacts can be “split out” in the new version of the application. In practice, you can now see all your contacts, who is available now, and only your Skype contacts if you want. Miasma no more.

Windows and Windows Phone have long had an issue with the sorting of people. People Hub, in my view, has always been a zoo. This new update cuts down on noise and simplifies use of Skype.

Secondly, Microsoft states that the home screen of the Skype application has been improved, allowing users to “pivot” between what the app provides. In short, you can scoot about Skype more quickly. I doubt that you’ll remember the change three days in, but Skype is vaguely infamous for having a user interface of difficult design. Sharpening its look is always welcome.

However, as Tom Warren of the Verge notes, you still cannot send video messages in the application. Microsoft followed up with a comment stating that “We will inform you if we add send capability at a later date.” Fine, we’ll wait.

If you are the Windows Phone sort of person, head here to grab the new code. If you are not, head here, and have a fine day.

Top Image Credit: Vernon Chan