Salesforce Ties Together Different Platforms With New Performance Edition has pulled together several of its platforms to create what it calls the Performance Edition. The new service will combine the company’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Salesforce Platform with, and its new identity service. Other services that are part of the package include its web-chat platform for connecting customers with customer service help and a knowledge engine for accessing articles and information.

Salesforce has shown signs that it would be integrating its various services. In July, the company launched “Sales Performance Accelerator,” which combined the Sales Cloud with and

By adding identity service and a sandbox, the company can now offer a way to connect apps through a single authentication platform. The sandbox in turn serves as a service for testing apps before putting them into production.

Salesforce has historically treated its different services as independent entities. But with the build-out of its developer platform, the pieces are tying together. The only missing piece is Chatter, its news feed. But Chatter is getting integrated across all the platforms so it is likely just integrated in the overall offering.

Company executives have also emphasized the build-out of its platform for developers to create single-purpose apps that they call micro-instances. With the new Performance Edition, it is conceivable that developers can start to use the identity platform to create a linked network of apps built on the Salesforce platform.

Single-purpose apps have become popular with developers. Users want lightweight services that play specific roles. For example, Any.DO is a simple and cleverly designed app for getting tasks completed. Siasto plans to take a similar focus with its mobile strategy.

Salesforce is making its play to control more of the stack, with identity being the key to controlling more services, either their own or from third-party providers.

Okta serves as a major competitor in the identity race. It has advantages in terms of its established place in the cloud market and its relationship with Workday, which has helped it get some major enterprise deals.