Moto X Customization Via Moto Maker Comes To All Major U.S. Carriers

Motorola’s Moto X is a solid phone, but part of its appeal are the customization options that allow users to engrave things into the back, change the color and even material of the back case and more via the Moto Maker online tool. But that started out as an AT&T exclusive, and remained so until today, when it’s expanding to Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in the U.S.

Motorola’s customization features are available for phones starting at $100 for a 16GB Moto X on a two-year agreement, but there’s no option yet to use the wood backs Motorola previewed back when it first launch the device. The wood backs are expected to come with an extra $50 price there’s been nothing firm on when to expect those beyond sometime during the end of this year.

The Moto X is actually a strong contender for best available Android phone, despite its cost and somewhat mid-tier specs, thanks to the unique features Google and Motorola have built in, including always-on voice commands that listen and respond when you say specific keywords.

The Moto G, which is assumed by many to be a lower cost version of the Moto X with more middling specs aimed potentially at developing markets, is slated for a November 13 unveiling in Sao Paulo. A leak this morning from Amazon suggest it’ll be a £160 quad-core smartphone, going on sale on Nov. 14 unlocked with 16GB of storage, a 4.5-inch screen and personalized backs similar to its big brother.