Developers Port 1,000 Unity Apps To The Windows Store, Windows Phone Store In First Four Months

Today Microsoft announced that there are more than 1,000 games in its Windows Store and Windows Phone Store based on the Unity engine. On July 22nd this year, Unity took the beta tag off of its support for the platforms.

Therefore, in the ensuing 17 weeks, developers have released Unity-based games at a pace of around 58.8 per week, or 8.4 per day. That’s a decent clip, as the titles that are being ported over to the Windows platforms (mobile, and mostly not, respectively, or Windows Phone and Windows 8.x) are of generally of a decent quality.

Microsoft remains grimly determined to grow the number and quality of applications on its twin platforms. It’s doing so by integrating them, lowering the price of entry, and working with folks like Unity to open as many doors as possible are open, and stay that way.

I’ll have more on development figures for the Windows world later this week, but keep in mind that while download counts for the platforms are growing, they remain small compared to iOS. Windows 8.x sees around 1.7 million daily downloads. iOS is around 74 million. Still, the march of 1,000 miles starts with one step, and apparently a lot of pushing.