Gillmor Gang: Brain Chemistry

The Gillmor Gang — John Taschek, Keith Teare, Dan Farber, and Steve Gillmor — take the edge off of a slow week with a relaxed conversation about Instagram and Twitter direct messages, online anonymity, its effects on the brain, and Google’s reasons for cacheing Gmail images. Occasionally Farber disappears to throw another log on the fire.

In the chatroom, Moe Glitz asks the musical question: Do Hells Angels use Facebook? Keith does the entire show from China (where he’s more than almost famous) in his underpants. The budget deal is set, the Pope outpoints Snowden, and no one complains about a little political analysis. It was that kind of week. Life surprises even when it’s not trying.

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Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor

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