Ask A VC: GGV Capital’s Glenn Solomon On How Companies Should Build And Expand In China

In this week’s episode of Ask A VC, we had GGV Capital’s Glenn Solomon in the studio to talk about the developing technology market in China, and his predictions for 2014.

Solomon, who has taken 32 trips to China in the past eight years, tells me in our interview that developing for the Chinese market is completely different than developing for the Western markets. And any U.S. company that wants to expand to China has to be aware of this, and take into account these differences when introducing a product in China.

Solomon explains, “Several years ago, VCs thought they would create the blank of China, and a company that was successful here would work in China. But China is unique and the way you grow and start companies there has to be local.”

Solomon also made his predictions for the IPO market in 2014, investing changes and more.