Atlanta And New Orleans, We Need Your Help

When we first started our Meetup series I envisioned this as a quick and easy way to meet everyone in a particular city. We’d roll in like a band of miscreants, commandeer a bar, and meet people. Now, thanks to the support of our great events team and sponsors, we’re able to create a night of entrepreneurial excellence. We have interviews, fireside chats, and a great pool of amazing startups on the floor. But we need your help to pull these off.

Are you a funded startup? Local employer? A company looking for a few good code ninjas? Consider emailing to help support the event. If you’d like to exhibit, please pop over to Eventbrite and help out below. The goal is to make this a great event for everyone and we can’t do that without your help. Bootstrapping and can’t afford a table? Let me know. I’m at

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you down south! Hope it’s warmer there than NYC!