Local Delivery Service Kanga Raises $1 Million Seed Round

Atlanta-based Kanga has raised $1 million to create a new local delivery service that uses a crowdsourced approach to getting items from point A to point B.

An Atlanta meet-up finalist, Kanga lets customers choose from a list of drivers who will bid for delivery jobs. “Kanga also benefits local or independent retailers seeking a competitive edge over Internet retail giants by offering affordable professional delivery services,” said Scott Miller, co-founder and lead angel investor of Kanga.

That’s right: Miller isn’t just a customer, he bought the company.

Kanga can be used to deliver any items “with the exception of people, perishables or illegal substances” and users have to send a picture of the item they’re delivering before a delivery person will pick it up. The company will launch in Atlanta on March 26.

The company plans on using the cash to build out their mobile app and expand into other markets.