Flink Update Adds Social Features To Its Addictive Fashion App

Fashion app Flink just received an update in the App Store. As a reminder, this app is the perfect time waster for fashion enthusiasts — you can browse new looks from your favorite fashion bloggers in an immersive app. With today’s update, you can now follow and unfollow your friends, comment, like and more.

Flink is trying to create a community of fashion-savvy people. By default, you follow a selection of some well-known fashion blogs. With a swipe, you switch from one look to the other. You can dive a bit more into a particular look by swiping to the right — you’ll get more pictures from that particular photo shoot. There is also a button to see where clothes come from.

Now, you can connect Flink to your Facebook account and follow your Facebook friends on the platform. Every time a friend shares a look, you can comment and like to start a discussion. In other words, Flink is slowly becoming a mobile social network, with a special focus on fashion.

So far, the app has been downloaded 70,000 times over the last five weeks. You can browse the app without registering, but 35,000 people have chosen to create an account. But the most impressive part is the engagement from its user base.

In my first post, I said that using Flink was a very addictive experience. With one swipe, a brand new look fills up the entire screen. You don’t know what comes next, so you’re tempted to swipe just one more time before closing the app.

Overall, Flink users have seen 2.5 million looks. Some users probably have swiped hundreds of times. The hard part will now be convincing casual users to regularly come back in the app — it’s easy to forget about a free app that’s on your fourth page of apps on your iPhone. Discovering new looks remains the main incentive, but the social features could turn Flink users into community members.

Flink Screenshots