Watch The Live Stream For Disrupt Day 2 Right Here!

Day 2 of Disrupt SF 2014 is officially underway. Some of the most baller speakers we’ve ever had are ready to grace the stage.

Are you ready?

We open the morning with Dan Gilbert, then shift to a chat with Julia and Kevin Hartz from Eventbrite, and then to a fireside talk with a speaker who is no stranger to our stage, Marc Benioff.

After lunch, our attention shifts to the Battlefield, where 26 companies are duking it out for the right to the Disrupt Cup and $50,000.

Of course, there’s plenty to do around Disrupt, such as the Startup Alley. There, more than 200 companies are vying for the attention of passersby, who might include investors, members of the media, or fellow entrepreneurs.