Fleksy Expands Its Distribution Footprint In A Bid To Rule The Keyboard Roost

Fleksy is following up its iOS 8 software keyboard launch with a debut on two new app markets, including the Samsung GALAXY Apps store and the Amazon Appstore. In time for this new availability, it’s also launching a new Android version that adds two new languages and also brings a brand new keyboard design for wearables, as well as better emoji, improved animations and general improvements to the core accuracy of typing.

The Fleksy update brings the app into more distribution channels, but surprisingly it’s already had a decent amount of success on Samsung’s Gear wristborne wearables platform. The Fleksy app has seen over 100,000 downloads on the smartwatch, which is doubly impressive given that there probably aren’t too many active Gear watches out in the real world, and that a keyboard on a tiny screen would seem to be an outlier need, given the app use cases most are designing for smartwatch platforms.

Fleksy is hoping to be a keyboard that can suit all needs, including wearables and other newer computing form factors, and getting presence in as many app shops as possible will help it spread brand name recognition. It’s still a big mountain to climb, however, especially as Apple has given no indication that it will support keyboard input, either first- or third-party, on the upcoming Apple Watch.