CrunchWeek: Apple’s Huge Quarter, Snapchat Discover, And Newsweek’s Cover Fail

Today’s episode of CrunchWeek is a very special milestone for us here at TechCrunch, marking the 100th time we’ve met up to casually talk about the week’s most interesting news. To commemorate the event, Colleen Taylor and TechCrunch Co-Editor Alexia Tsosis reminisced about the first episode of the show.

We then went on to talk about news big enough for our hundredth episode: Apple’s “holy cow they blew it out of the water oh my goooooosh” earnings report this week. Big takeaways: more iPhones sold in a quarter than ever before, huge adoption in China and Japan, and solid performance across its other product lines.

In non-Cupertino news, Snapchat made a big media play this week with the launch of Discover. Working with partners like Yahoo, Vice, and CNN, Snapchat now lets you watch short clips interspersed with ads, updated daily. It’s an interesting experience that manages to feel different from simply stumbling upon a video in your Facebook or Twitter feed.

We also chatted about Newsweek’s controversial new cover. While it’s important to talk about diversity in tech, mainstream media outlets tend to paint an image of sexism in the Valley that sometimes doesn’t reflect the real problems faced by women in the industry.