TC AppleCast 4: The Apple Car, iOS 9 And Photos For OS X

Apple could be building a car, apparently, so naturally we had to talk about that. It seems likely Apple would want to anticipate a future where cars fall within a tech company’s purview, so in that regard it isn’t surprising. But Apple working on something doesn’t always equal Apple shipping something, no matter how much we may wish it were true.

We also cover Photos, which is very much a real thing, and which will ship to OS X users starting this spring via a free update to Yosemite. It’s a solid improvement on iPhoto, which is really beginning to show its age and has trouble with libraries that are dwarfed by the collections of many mobile photographers out there. Our first impressions reveal that Apple is probably doing exactly what it needs to with its new desktop picture program.

Finally, we tackle iOS 9, which reports this week suggest could be a Snow Leopard-style update designed to improve the general performance and reliability of Apple’s mobile platform. That could be a very good thing, and this might be the perfect year for Apple to do it, too, given the success of the iPhone 6 and the position of its closest competitors.

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